Despina - Despina Zaimis

I am a portrait and landscape photographer, currently based in Brussels. Though Greek in nationality and at heart, I have spent many years of my life living in different countries around the world and a few years ago this experience sparked my enthusiasm to capture and record with my camera the fascinating places and diverse people I came across. It was at that moment that I was also inspired to document my family and help others do the same by creating beautiful portraits for them and their families. Photographing people is a dynamic process and an unpredictable experience full of surprises that provide an exciting challenge for me. When I don't create family portraits I love to travel with my family. Traveling is a great source of inspiration for me and through photography I find a way to express myself, to create a certain mood, to a capture a certain feeling, to provoke a certain emotion. The ways in which the use of post processing can intensify and transform a photograph fascinate me and I use it to add my personal feel to my photos. My aim is to create beautiful portraits that reflect a person's unique personality and photos that tell a story and evoke life's beauty and mystery. 

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