Despina - Despina Zaimis

As a photographer, Despina Zaimis is always looking to reframe the familiar and to give new meaning to the subject she is photographing through her creative process. Traveling is a great source of inspiration for her. She is  always in the lookout for new places that will excite her and offer her the opportunities and inspiration to capture a particular setting or life scene and through her editing process give it meaning and emotion. Through photography,  she finds a way to express the way she  sees and interprets life around her. Her aim is to add her personal feel to each one of her images, to create a certain mood, to evoke life's beauty and mystery.Especially when traveling, inspiration will come from the excitement of discovering a new place that will trigger an idea and lead to a new series of photos. While taking photos makes her feel connected to the world, editing her images becomes a process of connecting to her inner self. She is drawn into post-processing her images by experimenting with different editing styles, colours, textures and tones. Fascinated by the way the process of editing can intensify and transform her photos into completely new images, her aim is to evoke the beauty, vibrance and mystery of life, as she sees and perceives it through her creative process.

Her studies in art and graphic design and her life in different parts of the world gradually lead her path towards photography. Living in Japan for a few years was the experience that triggered her love for this art form and inspired her to start capturing the places and people she came across. Her images at times become more abstract and minimalistic, while at other times, they are full of colour and vibrancy, depending on the theme she is working on and the final image she has envisioned to create.

Her photos are produced and sold in numbered limited edition prints on the highest quality archival papers with the use of the latest printing technology. Every artwork is signed and numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Despina  Zaimis was born and raised in Greece and currently lives in Brussels. Less

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