Despina - Despina Zaimis

Despina Masouridi Zaimis was born in Athens, Greece. After attaining a Foundation Course Degree in Art and Design at Central St Martins and a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design at London College of Communication, Despina worked for a number of years in advertising agencies and as a freelance graphic designer, before venturing into photography. Her life and travels across different countries, gradually lead her path towards photography. Living in Japan was the experience that triggered her enthusiasm for this art form. It was during this time that she began to capture with her camera the fascinating cultures and diverse people she came across.

Since then, she is always searching for new places and themes that will offer her the inspiration to capture a particular setting or life scene and through her editing process give it meaning and emotion. Constantly experimenting with various styles and themes, hues of different tones and colors, abstract shapes and minimalist forms, she is consistently drawn into editing her photographs, fascinated by the ways this process can intensify and transform her images and transmit the mood she aims to evoke. Her ideal is to convey the beauty and mystery of life as she sees and perceives it through her lens and to create images that transcend the ephemeral moments in time.

In November 2018 she participated in her first group exhibition “La Nature des Formes, Art and Design” in Brussels. Her photos are decorating homes and hotels in Europe, the USA and Japan. She currently lives in Brussels with her family.

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