"Despina Zaimis' work translates the ability of looking at the subject in its pure state of stillness with a sense of mystery. Somehow the object shines through its inner vibration providing a peaceful feeling where all of the context and surroundings disappear. It is no surprise we have chosen her work in front of other artists to feature in the most intimate Japanese rooms of the latest new luxury hotel in Niseko."  - Corinne Fuller, Art Consultant.

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"I am so happy with my beautiful Japanese photos. My prints arrived on time and were very securely packaged. I can only recommend Despina Zaimis Prints and will definitely be buying more prints from them in the future and recommending their work to my friends."  -M.Bailey, Tokyo

"I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase. Thank you Despina for the beautiful print of Tuscany. I fell in love with this photo the minute I saw it! As always, Despina’s photographs are spectacular, protected during shipping and with fast delivery. I can’t say enough good things about Despina’s work. Thank you for sharing your talent!"  - Ε. Burns, London

"Firstly, let me congratulate Despina Zaimis on her excellent communication skills, prompt delivery, and impeccable packaging. Now for the work itself....suffice it to say that I am mesmerized. The 'Ephemeral Beauty' of the image brings serenity and contentment to my soul whenever my gaze falls upon it. I would also like to add that there is a true luxury to the photo by the use of textile as opposed to paper. It is silky upon touch and adds a depth to the color that enhances the quality of the artwork." - D. Livanios, Brussels

"A good photograph apart from seeing it with you eyes, you feel it with your heart and this is what I love about Despina's pieces of art. I love all her photographs, they are unique and I want to buy them all. She is very professional on her field and with her services. My photographs were packed very carefully and professionally and the delivery was on time. Extremely satisfied!!! " -A.Ginsberg, London

"Despina narrates the story she has chosen to convey through her photos with disarming ease and a minimalist approach. I am very pleased with the photo of Los Angeles that I have purchased, because I have very much appreciated her choice of simplicity which leads directly to the essential of her narrative, something that touched me a lot. Exceptional work and great quality of printing."  - P. Demetriades, Brussels


"The photos of the beach scenes are beautifully printed on high quality paper. They have transformed my room and brought a sense of serenity, peace and stillness to their surroundings. Despina' s photographs radiate light and hope and have a brilliant depth. You can almost hear the sea! "  - Christina P., Athens

"Despina's photos are beautiful. I bought two city views of Brussels and they are perfect in my living room, just in the muted color tones I like."   - Andrea B.D. , Brussels

“These photographs are stunning and of the highest quality. They arrived on time and in perfect condition. I hope to buy several others to make an arrangement on a prominent wall in our home. These are uniquely artistic and with a sense of peace and serenity. Clearly Despina is a very talented photographer/artist with great aesthetic, visual and artistic sensibility.”  - J. M. Washington, DC

"I was extremely satisfied with the communication between myself and the photographer, the item arrived promptly and packaged perfectly. My newly acquired work of art is superb! The photo captures 'ephemeral beauty' and tranquility . The most surprising aspect was the choice of textile as opposed to paper. It creates an air of luxury and gives a real depth , making the photo seem 3 dimensional and real! "   - Des Livanios, Brussels

"We ordered this print on aluminum for our teenage son's room and we couldn't be happier with it. It was delivered on time and far exceeded our expectations. The picture is vivid, crystal clear and is printed in the highest quality. We will enjoy it for years to come!"  - D.Yarian, New York

"This is by far the most beautiful photograph I have ever had! The photo is so lucid -  it makes me feel as if I am right there waiting for the tram in the beautiful snow. The color of the photo is just so gorgeous. I had to wait for a while to receive this photo but I have to say that the wait was worth it, definitely. I will certainly come back for more in the future. Thank you so much!!! "  - S.Lee, U.S.A.

"Beautiful photograph and excellent framing. Printed on good quality photographic paper. I am really pleased with the finished product. Also very happy with the communication, packaging and prompt delivery. It arrived to Madrid in excellent condition. Another amazing creation by Despina Zaimis! Many thanks! I would definitely buy another one and recommend!"  - E. Burns, Madrid

"Very happy with my beautiful print of an extraordinary photo! Thank you for the correct delivery and perfect packaging. In fact, the print looks much better in real life!" - S. Bulcke, Antwerp

"This piece looks wonderful in my living room. From a distance it looks like a watercolour and up close you can see it is a photograph. It's been hanging 2 weeks and has really added a calming, contemporary feel to my traditionally decorated room. Love it!" - A. Zarifi, UK

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